A brown- and maroon-tinted photo of old books.
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Hello, and welcome to Xyrvair.com! No, the name doesn’t mean anything; it’s a randomly generated name that I found aesthetically pleasing. It’s pronounced ‘xur-vare’, with ‘xyr’ rhyming with ‘purr’ and ‘vair’ rhyming with ‘fair’. This admittedly bare-bones website is a repository of writing on a variety of topics, including public policy, politics, psychology, sociology, intelligence, language, typography and design, critical theory, grammar and usage, realistic and speculative fiction, disability, LGBTQ identity and philosophy. (Yes, I am one of those people who is interested in nearly everything.)

If you’d like to see my primary website and find out more about who I am and what I do, visit expectedly.org. I also blog sporadically, with a focus on politics, disability rights, racial justice, civil rights and equity, with the occasional digression into other topics. You can also have a look at my Twitter, which is relatively similar to my blog in content, though I’m much more given to brevity there.


Intelligence | Academic writing | General psychology | Grammar and usage | Typography and design | Language and linguistics | Fiction | Identities | Philosophy | Juvenilia | Poetry

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